1 – To create an egalitarian society balanced against the needs and rights of individual freedom.

2 – To ensure decent living standards and safeguards for all, and services to include, free education to degree level for those with relevant ability or potential; free health services at the point of need; complete assistance to fulfil the aspirations of the disadvantaged; and pensions which are sufficient to maintain a life-style comparable with those in full time employment.

3 – To promote justice defined as fairness, which allows for the full development of minority groups which are not exclusive towards the rights of others.

4 – To ensure a distribution of power which maximises the ownership linked to the management of property in all its manifestations by individuals, and particularly with regard to production, distribution, and the means of exchange.

5 – To enhance the reality of people power through direct as opposed to representative systems of choice whenever this is practicable.

6 – To promote higher standards of culture for the enjoyment of all, whilst repudiating a debasing populism which may be detrimental to the better principles of a democratic society and egalitarian values.

7 – To advance Social Capitalist Business Values for people prosperity, through the self-adjusting system of a financial-industrial infrastructure which maximises the circulation of wealth as opposed to polarising it between rich and poor.

8 – To implement a practical criterion for all business and economic activity which differentiates between desirable and undesirable ends, such a criterion being of particular use in the settlement of trades union bargaining disputes.