Role of the SCN


• The Social Capitalist Network (SCN) is an independent non-party association accountable to its own members and no other bodies or interest groups.

• Its purpose is to promote Social Capitalism throughout parliamentary movements and other political, industrial and trades union bodies worldwide.

• As the role of the SCN is limited to the formulation of underlying principles for the theory and practice of Social Capitalism in the light of social change, it is not and shall not attempt to take on the functions of a political party.

• Hence, in safeguarding the integrity of the association, its members may only engage in officially recognised political activity, i.e. stand for local or national office within their respective countries, as bone fide supporters of already established parliamentary groups.

• The SCN shall operate as a democratic proselytising movement for the cause of Social Capitalism, both within and outside parliamentary parties.

• The Social Capitalist Network aspires to developing as a powerful political association in capturing the inspiration and imagination of people of goodwill from every strata of society; and whilst all its tenets remain open for discussion, the anchor for its guiding principles and source material will be found in the 4 following books:- Social Capitalism in Theory & Practice: Volume I Emergence of the New Majority; Volume II The People’s Capitalism; Volume III Prosperity in a Stable World, and the Introductory volume: Egalitarianism of the Free Society and the end of Class Conflict.

• The aims of the Social Capitalist movement are based on disinterested ethical principles for the happiness and prosperity of humanity with respect to the fulfilment of personal development and psychological need.

• The SCN shall comprise of Circles for the study and propagation of Social Capitalism through local personal contact; social events; ensuring the source books are in stock and on the shelves of all local public and other libraries; meeting the needs of Regional and National organisation; seminars; public meetings; the publication of leaflets, pamphlets, and books; political activity through officially established political groups; and by other means as decided by the membership. (See the Activities link for more details.)

• As the SCN shall adopt a low public profile in emphasising its educational role, it is especially interested in drawing teachers, journalists, academics, the business-oriented, and other ideas-friendly people into the Network, who are also intent on exerting practical reform through existing parliamentary channels.