SC Circulars

The following papers have been designed as circulars addressed either to the broader general public or to specific interest sectors of the population. Their main use is intended for e-mail circulation in building up the membership of the Social Capitalist Network, but print-friendly A4 versions are also available as attachments from the SCN.

Please click on the links below to download and save PDF’s of the Circulars.

Limitations of the Economic approach in addressing the banking crisis

Politicising The New Realities

Student Action and the Banking Crisis

The Carillion episode and Home-Based Productivity

Personalising ownership: an alternative economic system

Making banks serve majority needs

British Jobs for British Workers!

Calling on all pensioners & the retired, in the fight-back for justice & the restoration of lost rights

Calling on the vulnerable and transient employed, and all those in limited term contract-based occupations

Calling on leading industrialists & business people for initiatives in resolving the debt-fuelled credit crisis

The Debt-fuelled Financial Crisis and the Remedy


Articles orginially published by the New Statesman on the dates cited below

Business Values and the Labour Party (20th March 2015)

Are the Middle Classes doomed? (31st March 2015)

The Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy (16th April 2015)

Where is Labour’s Future? (14th May 2015)

Labour must confront the Financial Establishment (29th May 2015)

How To Choose a Labour Party Leader (22nd June 2015)